In Depth Analysis Of Your Toronto Raptors

In Depth Analysis Of Your Toronto Raptors

Friday, 9 January 2015

Potential Trade Targets the Raptors Should Consider

With the Grizzlies, Celtics, Cavs, Suns, Thunder and Knicks all making deals recently, we are officially in trading season in the NBA. At this point, we know alot about which teams are sellers and which are buyers. With that in mind, I began thinking of players I would like to see in a Raptors uniform and are obtainable. Heres a couple of ESPN Trade Machine accepted trades that I believe would benefit both sides.

Landry Fields, 2nd Rd Pick to Denver for Wilson Chandler
Despite having a goldmine of solid role players and a star point guard in Ty Lawson, the Denver Nuggets are a team that is clearly a seller this year. While Wilson Chandler isn't much more than a 3 and D guy, he is a clear improvement in the starting lineup over Terrence Ross and on a relatively good deal over two years. He is an unselfish player that I believe could have a huge benefit from playing in Toronto, a team quickly becoming one of the best player environments in the league. If you're Denver, you would love to get an expiring deal and a pick for Chandler, as he is simply a role player that isn't gonna push Denver over the top. Masai also has a great relationship with Denver, and could use that to persuade them into giving up Chandler.

Landry Fields, Tyler Hansbrough, 1st Rd Pick to Indiana for David West
This trade depends completely on Indiana. If they decide that they want to tank the rest of the season to get a star to get another star to put next to Paul George and Roy Hibbert, than Indiana would take this in a heartbeat. Two expiring deals and a first rounder for West would be great value and would allow them to even sign someone else in the offseason. Meanwhile for Toronto, they would get a battle-tested starting power forward over the next two years who has loads of playoff experience. He is a great mid range shooter, strong defender and a leader on the floor. He is very similar to Amir Johnson, except he is much better offensively. Amir and 2Pat would still get their minutes, mostly at center for Amir, and the Raptors would definitely improve overall. However, if Indiana refuses to tank, there is no way they give up their emotional leader.

Of course there are many other options the Raptors could explore, and I'm sure Masai is exploring right now, but these are a few options that I think would really help us. And to everyone overreacting about the recent losing streak, claiming that that Ross needs to go, Jonas needs to go, Dwane Casey can't coach and Lou Williams is terrible, you guys need to calm down. This is almost 100% the worst it's going to get over the rest of the season, and most of our issues, especially defensively, will correct themselves now that DeRozan is back. However, in order to compete, we need to add a couple more complementary pieces to fit our team needs. In the meantime, don't be mad about what we have and appreciate what is, quite possible, the best Raptors team to ever take the court.

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