In Depth Analysis Of Your Toronto Raptors

In Depth Analysis Of Your Toronto Raptors

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Why the Raps Shouldn't Rush for a Ross Replacement

These past couple of weeks have not been kind to Terrence Ross, and fans have been quick to point the finger at him for the team's recent struggles. To be honest,  I can't remember the last time TRoss had a good game and, with the DeRozan injury, he had the best chance he could ask for. Instead of showcasing his incredible talent, he was nothing short of terrible, forcing Kyle Lowry to carry an incredible burden on his shoulders.

Many fans have been calling for a trade, encouraging Masai Ujiri to dump Ross while he still has value and get a piece in return. While I am 100% open to Masai listening to offers and working his magic, it's way too early to give up on a guy we were praising a couple of months ago. This is a rare guy who could win a 3pt shootout and a slam dunk contest if given the chance. This is a guy who has shown glimpses, albeit almost exclusively last year, of being an athletic wing defender who can get into passing lanes.

However, one thing we all know about Terrence is that he is unbelievably streaky. He can go two weeks looking like an all star, then two weeks looking like he belongs back in college. As of right now, he looks like a guy who isn't even ready for college yet, but that's ok. Get Ross' struggles over with now, along with the team's, but don't give up hope. The coaching staff or maybe the players just need to find a way to get through to him and get him to start being aggressive.

It's possible for the Raps to win now AND keep Ross in the starting lineup. All we need is patience, and things have a way of working themselves out.

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